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Howlers is an intense gut-punching, ass-stretching ride that will have you screaming for more. Director David Hempling wants you to shout out loud like the five Howlers he puts through their paces with hard, fast and heavy handball action. "No holes barred" is the mantra for these studs, whose bodies demand more than just a suck and fuck theyre howling for fat fists. Taking alternating deep fists from Dylan Strokes, wide-eyed Adrian Alvarez demonstrates how his ass is like a black hole, consuming anything in its path. Brian Bonds is wild for flip-fisting and hes partnered up with bald, bearded and inked daddy Drew Sebastian. Drew's hole is so tasty, Brian licks the juices off his fingers, and then double penetrating Drew with his fist and his cock. Adrian Alvarez and Brian Bonds are armed and dangerous, taking each others forearms to the max and ending with Adrian jacking a load out of Brian and delivering it up Brian's hole and Adrian fist fucking himself. Drew Sebastian is back for more, this time with Dolf Dietrich, whose hole demands a cock, a fist and a huge dildo. Before its over, Dolf makes Drew's ass quake with a vibrating eight-finger fuck. Watching this all out fist fest, youll know how deep, deep desires get when these Howlers display how man does not live by cock alone: sometimes he needs a fist.

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‘Howlers’ is an intense gut-punching, ass-stretching ride that will have you screaming for more.

Stars: Dolf Dietrich Dylan Strokes Drew Sebastian Brian Bonds

Categories: Extreme Penetration Safe Sex High Definition Anal Gay Leather Muscles Fetish

Scene Number: 5

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Falcon Studios Group Fisting Central Raging Stallion Studios

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Auto Erotic, Part 1, Scene #01

Huge muscled torsos of Johnny V and Landon Conrad compare to the muscle cars in the Auto Erotic Shop. And Johnny’s smooth muscled chest contrast to Landon’s hairy pecs. Their sexual chemistry is high octane fuel just waiting to be sparked and ignited. Their cocks crowd their jeans; their lungs can barely sustain the heavy breathing. Landon smashes their dicks together in a single hard column and jacks ferociously before dropping to his knees to give Johnny a deep blow job. Johnny responds in kind, punishing his throat on Landon’s hot meat. Spreading the cheeks of his muscled ass, Johnny sits on Landon’s face and the sexual RPM go into overdrive. Sweat pours down the cleft in Johnny’s chest and down his backbone to the crack of his ass. Johnny is an inspired, energetic power bottom, and he alternates between sitting on Landon’s face and opening his hole to Landon’s perfect endowment. Totally in his element, Johnny rides Landon until neither of them can contain the massive loads that have built up from this feverish exchange.



















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Helpless boy beaten into submission and made to swallow cum

Bound Gods: @Dakota_WolfeXXX & Adam Herst.

Bound by belts and blindfolded in a dark workshop, Dakota Wolfe can only whimper as Adam Herst finishes polishing his favorite riding crop. Adam gropes and torments the boy, using his handyman creativity and tools to rearrange ever more intense positions for his plaything. He sets Dakota in an inverted suspension and then doles out a vicious flogging. The boy gets placed in a stockade bed, his ass caned and mouth gaped with a spyder gag. Adam feeds Dakota his cock before pounding his ass into the night. Dakota blows his load first, while fucked on his back, legs tied to the bedposts behind his head as the crop whales down on his thighs. Grateful for his treatment, he readily accepts Adam’s hot cum and swallows it all.

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Hot Gym Stud Tormented and Fucked by the Creepy Handyman

BOUND GODS. Starring: @TrentonDucati and Jackson Filmore.

Jackson Filmore is changing into his workout clothes without realizing that the Creepy Handyman, Trenton Ducati is looking on. Jackson catches a whiff of his sneakers and gets aroused, doing his work out routine with a hard-on. Trenton can’t help himself and ties Jackson up to a bench. He sucks the boy’s toes, punches his chest, and makes Jackson suck his cock. On an exercise bike with a dildo attached, Jackson is made to fuck his own ass while receiving a hard flogging. With Jackson’s hole primed for fucking, Trenton ties him to a treadmill and fucks him hard. With the workout over, Trenton gives Jackson a stretch fuck at the end of the session and covers his face in cum.

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The Creepy Handyman Series – The battle of the giant cocks

Hung stud Doug Acre ( @DougAcre ) is minding his own business taking a piss at the urinal when handyman Jay Rising pounces from behind and wrestles Doug to the ground. Bound with his mouth duct taped shut, Doug awakens back at the creepy handyman’s place as he’s tormented with the crop and made to swallow Jay’s 10 inch cock. Doug’s arms are strung up above his head as he’s brought to his feet, Jay stroking his big cock with one hand and a flogger in the other. The creepy handyman beats his boy down before throwing him down on the couch for a turn at his ass. Doug helplessly screams as he feels all 10 inches slide inside him as Jay pours hot wax all over the boy’s torso. After a rough pounding Jay sprays his load all over Doug’s face and has him suck off every drop.

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